Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Chip and I have been watching "Shameless" recently. Very enjoyable, but virtually impossible to describe briefly. But I'll try anyway.

It's a comedy-drama about an inherently dysfunctional family behaving as functionally as possible. Mom ran away two years ago, and drunken Dad is never home, except when he needs a place to pass out for the night. So the oldest daughter has had to become parent to her five siblings (aged three to sixteen). Surprisingly funny and warm-hearted.

You can see the first ten minutes of the first episode here. [WARNING: This video contains some extremely strong language and some extremely strong Manchester accents.]

The Sundance Channel is currently airing the second series.

See also the Wikipedia entry.

The first two series feature James McAvoy (BAFTA nominee for "Atonement") as one of the main characters. The show also features Maxine Peake, who played Twinkle in "dinnerladies".

Series One is available on DVD.


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