Monday, May 19, 2008


I've been noticing this ad popping up a whole lot recently (especially on "Huffington Post") featuring Amy Sedaris. It's a four-minute video ad for Microsoft(tm) Office(tm) 2007(tm).

Amy Sedaris. And a bunch of bunny rabbits. And a cupcake bakery. And Microsoft(tm).

As I said, "OMGWTF?!"

On Microsoft's website for the ad, there are a whopping two (count 'em, TWO!) user comments:

"I love Amy Sedaris. Yay!"


"It's amazing how different
she looked in 'Strangers with Candy'."

Both comments were posted, coincidentally, 48 days ago on the very same day that Microsoft first posted the ad. Yep, they sound just like Amy's fans, and NOT AT ALL like ad writers trying to start the comment ball rolling.....

Amy's fan-club's website includes this interview with her about the ad (near the bottom of the page - the top part is about her role in the movie, "Snow Angels"). In it, she is quoted as saying:

They paid really well, and it was an opportunity, and I mean, I love shit like that. I would love to do commercials and things like that. I think they're fun--as long as you have control. Because you think they're fun, and then you get there and their idea is queer or they want you to do something stupid. But if I could have creative input like that, I would do a lot more--If they guaranteed that I could have a little bit of control."

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