Saturday, May 31, 2008

Jeff Peckman and Stan Tiger Romanek on Larry King

Since I seem to be getting a fair number of hits for having linked to the Denver Post's story, I thought I'd follow up again with a video that someone posted to YouTube of this segment from Larry King.

Notice that they only show the same still that the Denver Post showed. When they show moving video, it is clearly labeled "Reenactment" and is not represented as being the actual video that Romanek says he took.

Other people have posted on YouTube what they claim to be Romanek's footage, but they appear to be versions of the "Reenactment" video shown on Larry King.

I'm not saying that I believe Romanek -- personally, I'm reserving judgment until I see more evidence for myself. I'm just saying that to all appearances, they have only released the one still image and no video footage, and that there seems to be evidence that YouTube videos claiming to show Romanek's video are actually a reenactment.

[UPDATE: Bad Astronomy supports what I said in that last paragraph about people posting the fake video and falsely calling the the Romanek video: "
...members of the Rocky Mountain Paranormal Society were able to create a fake video in a few hours and for under $100, which looks "slightly more animated" than the real thing. ... The fake video is all over YouTube already, and of course some people are claiming it’s the real thing. It’s not. ... The differences are obvious — most notably the shape of the head, and the mullions (crossbars) in the window. ... So where are we? We have a video few people have seen, a claim it couldn’t be easily faked, proof it could be easily faked, and the fake video being claimed as the real one on the ‘net. Still with me? The dumbosity of this is climbing faster than even I thought it could."]

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