Wednesday, May 7, 2008


I was listening to This American Life over the weekend, a show entitled, "What I Learned from Television". Early in the episode, Ira Glass mentioned that Americans spend an average of 29-1/2 hours watching television every week. I couldn't actually figure out where I fit in relation to that average.

So I thought I'd keep a log for a week and see how I rank. I'll post my results next week. I promise I'll try not to change my habits in any way (i.e., deliberately watch more or less TV than I usually would).

So far this week, starting on Monday, I've watched between forty-five minutes and an hour of television, and all of that was on Monday. It's about an hour if I include the five minutes that it took me to cycle once through all the channels to discover that nothing was on. And if I include the twenty minutes of a DVD that I watched while waiting for "The Daily Show" to come on.

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