Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Up early this morning...

How do you say no to someone who's just trying to be sweet?

About half an hour before it was time for my alarm clock to go off, someone fluffy came marching up the middle of the bed and yelling for attention.

He just wanted to be petted. Once he had hands on him, he started purring very loudly. After about two minutes, he was gone again. It was like the kid that wakes up at three a.m. screaming for a glass of water, and when you take it to him, he takes one swallow, hands it back and says, "I just wanted a sip."

He doesn't just want attention, he demands it. Not just half an hour before my alarm clock, but sometimes at 4:00 a.m. And when he wants it, he lets you know. In no uncertain terms.

So how do you balance wuvving the widdle baby with getting a full night's sleep?

His screams remind me of Jon Lovitz's old SNL imitation of Harvey Fierstein: "I just wanna be LOVED! Is that so WRONG?!"

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