Friday, June 20, 2008

More blogs...

The 1... 2... 3:45 6/7/8 video has been linked to in a few new blogs:

Popcultini, the personal blog of a Canadian journalist named Misty Harris ("Every time a group of people organizes online to do something silly and random, holier-than-thou scenesters -- they of American Apparel t-shirts and ironic moustaches -- twitter amongst themselves about how passe the whole thing is and what brain-dead "joiners" the participants are. Well, you know what? They can swing from their Chuck Taylor shoelaces because I think this sort of thing is badass.");

andnowwearefour ("If this doesn't make you wish you could be free, then you are far too well-adjusted and clearly don't work for the man. And if you need some impetus to watch it, here's a comment by a youtube user: "What? Why doesn't this vid have a trillion views? It's like... the new god"); and

San Francisco Love Story ("Public Art (This Gave Me The Chills)").

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