Monday, June 30, 2008

Overheard at Pride

#1: Overheard on MUNI between Castro and Civic Center on the way to the parade:

Gay tourist #1: That was when I was licking your nipple.

Gay tourist #2: I don't remember that.

Gay tourist #1: I have a picture of it somewhere.

(train gets too loud to hear for a few seconds)

Gay tourist #1 (indignant): Tell her that I do NOT want to see that turn up on YouTube. I'm running for supervisor, and I don't want any surprise Internet scandals.

#2: Overheard at Civic Center at the post-parade celebration:

Young thing #1: He is not gay!

Young thing #2: He is too!

Young thing #1: He is not!

Young thing #2: I'm telling you, I know for a fact that he is gay!

Young thing #1: Gavin?


Lucky Pierre said...

He's NOT

BGreen said...

But what I found funny about it was (1) the kid thought he could convince his friend that Gavin is gay just by repeatedly insisting that it's true; and (2) his friend was starting to sound like he might could be convinced that it was true.