Sunday, June 8, 2008

1... 2... 3:45 6/7/8 on YouTube

I added the video to YouTube as well in a higher-res version.

If you have not heard about this event, the idea was for people in Union Square to burst spontaneously into a musical number (she chose Bjork's version of "It's Oh So Quiet").

And this was the result.

Major kudos to all the dancers for a fun, fun event. And Special Major Kudos to Karen Offereins for pulling this off against the odds (including Naked Conch Shell "WAKE UP, PEOPLE!" Lady, as well as the Fellini-esque political demonstration the also burst out spontaneously at 3:35)

[UPDATE: Apparently, Bjork's people found the video and asked YouTube to take it down for copyright violations. They're welcome to have every single penny that I earned from it, in which case they owe me money....]

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