Friday, July 25, 2008

Of dubious taste.......

Chip found this one through a Usenet posting.

It's like someone combined The Sharper Image with Spencer Gifts, and it's called

To be fair, there's some really tame stuff here, like the self-described "laugh out loud" Grumpy Old Man BBQ Set (the apron reads "Grumpy Old Man" -- isn't that HIGH-LARIOUS?) and the
£5,800 Wurlitzer iPod and Jukebox (a bargain at twice the price!).

But in the "Naughty and Booze" category, they sell items like the Gentleman's Ball Scratcher (pictured here), the Willy Care Kit (fluffing brush, "sprucing" mirror and "bracelet") and Shower Breasts (squeeze them and they squirt shampoo or liquid soap -- a separate compartment for each breast).

Your one-stop shopping for birthdays and holidays!

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