Monday, July 14, 2008

Why is John Barrowman gay?

According to an article in the Guardian, BBC1 is airing a show entitled "The Making of Me," in which three celebrities allow themselves to be studied scientifically to determine where their "defining characteristics" come from.

Vanessa Mae will find out why she plays the violin well.

Colin Jackson will find out why he's fast.

And John Barrowman will find out why he's gay.

Now, personally, I would take issue with the very core idea: The "defining characteristic" of Vanessa Mae, the violinist, is that she plays the violin; the "defining characteristic" of Colin Jackson, a sprint and hurdling athlete, is that he can run fast; the "defining characteristic" of John Barrowman, an actor on "Doctor Who" and "Torchwood," is that he's an outstanding actor.

Oops. Wait. Strike that. John Barrowman is defined by his sexuality, not by his talent.

How silly of me to think that a gay man could ever do anything more important in his life than being gay.

But, apart from having issues with the "defining characteristic" of the television show, I would say that the article is a pleasant enough read.

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