Monday, August 4, 2008

Board games for the new millennium

P.U.: The Guessing Game Of Smells

"Would your child be excited by a
game about smells?"

The game pieces smell. 30 of the 45 cards are scratch-n-sniff cards. The characters (a pig, a flower, a dog, a turtle, a monkey, a stink bug and a trash can) race through the town of Odorville to the deadline, avoiding smelly traps set by StinkySmells
® the skunk.

Totally Gross: The Game Of Science

Do termites fart? Does snot keep your lungs clean? Are bullfrogs cannibals?

Answer questions correctly and stretch your slime across the board. Take "Totally Gross" challenges.

"Fun facts and gross ideas." From University Games, the people who brought you the games, "Five Little Monkeys® Jumping On the Bed Game," "Smart Ass®" and "Worst Case Scenario®: the Game of Surviving Life."

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