Friday, September 19, 2008

Evil Dead: The Musical: The Movie

According to several different sources, "Evil Dead: The Musical" will be made into a movie.

In 3-D.

According to
Screen Daily, Sam Raimi is being asked approve the filming of the musical adaptation of his 1981 film. They go on to say, "Featuring songs such as 'I’m Not A Killer' and 'Look Who’s Evil Now', the stage version featured an audience-participation area known as the 'splatter zone' Presumably the 3-D will yield similar if less sticky results."

Slashfilm says that it's a done deal, and that Raimi has given that approval.

So far, IMDB has not set up a page for this film.

Will this be the second movie be a movie musical based on a stage musical based on a movie (following "The Producers")?
I guess not. "My Fair Lady" (both film and stage versions) owed a lot to Shaw's 1938 film adaptation of "Pygmalion" (starring Wendy Hiller and Leslie Howard).

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