Monday, September 1, 2008

Missed news

Here's a news story that didn't quite make national headlines a few weeks ago.

Rocky Mountain News ran a story on August 4th reporting that, in preparation for the Democratic National Convention, Denver's City Council passed an ordinance that would ban the carrying of feces and urine for nefarious purposes

The ordinance made it illegal to carry "certain items," including chains and padlocks and "noxious substances." In the public hearing about the ordinance, the two most often cited examples of "noxious substances" were "buckets of urine" and "feces bombs."

"Councilman Doug Linkhart . . was quoted in the
New York Post as saying that a source told him that he knew of a home being used to store urine."

"'The intent of this ordinance is to try to smear protesters and make them look as if they are somehow criminal or somehow going to engage in some kind of gross conduct,' said Glenn Spagnuolo, an organizer with the Re-create 68 Alliance. . . . 'The only feces that I'm concerned about is the (expletive) that comes out of [Linkhart's] mouth.'"

On August 3, the NY Post carried this article that says, "Denver law-enforcement authorities are searching for a warehouse where they believe urine and feces are being stockpiled to throw at police by protesters at the Democratic National Convention.

"Denver City Councilman Doug Linkhart told The Post a source has 'told me that he knew of a house where protestors were accumulating urine. We are trying to ban these things in advance, so we can actually confiscate the materials ahead of time.'"

According to USA Today, "Members of Re-create 68, Unconventional Action and Tent State University say the ordinance is overkill because they have signed an agreement not to use excrement."

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