Monday, October 20, 2008

Alison Moyet cancels remainder of US tour

This is disappointing.

I was very much looking forward to this show. I am famous for my inability to beat the ticket brokers (i.e., when I try to buy tickets for any show, traditionally the shows sell out in one minute or less).

Alison is about three months older than me, and I've followed her career since Yaz/Yazoo. In the twenty-five-plus years of her career, I've only ever seen her perform once. When "Hoodoo" came out in 1991, she did a tour that included lots of radio interviews as well as in-store acoustic performances. I was not able to see her show at that time, but I did at least get to see her perform five or six numbers at the (now deceased) Tower Records at Bay and Columbus -- just Alison and a guitarist.

I hope it's not another seventeen years before I get another chance to see her perform live. I missed the Yaz reunion tour at the Paramount earlier this year, so this was going to be my "make up" show.

Alison has posted the following apology on her forum:

Ah, a sad day indeed.

I regret to inform you that tonight’s Washington show is to be our last.

I have tried hard to keep this band on the road but we have been hit with bad luck at every corner.

Before leaving the UK, the storms that Houston suffered put such pressure on the promoter, coupled with the economic crisis, that they felt the show was untenable.
Predictable lack of promotional funds has resulted in a poor turn out and the other Texas show and Phoenix followed suit.

For a project already heavily in a hole, the loss of that income, coupled with demurring from later show organisers has made it too insecure for us to continue.
Having a band on the road, with all the equipment and the hotels, wages and travel, with no shows in the middle means we can no longer sustain and have been advised by our agents to withdraw.

I believe wholeheartedly in this show, in my band and in the support and love we have been shown by those audience members that have gifted us their presence. I am devastated not to be able to finish what I have started and am beyond sad to be letting down those of you that have waited so long for this to happen.

I would like to say ‘another time’ but in all honesty doubt now that that time will come.

It will be little comfort for those of you that have missed out yet again to have me say that the shows we did make were a true pleasure, that all be they small, the crowds that joined us were of the highest order.

I thank you dearly for making it there with me. To the rest of you I can only say... I am sorry.

Love always,

Alison xxxxx

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