Wednesday, October 29, 2008

James Schamus responds to "Hollywood Reporter"

From Towleroad:

In response to the article I previously linked to regarding the marketing to date (or scarcity thereof) for Milk," James Schamus (pictured here with the Newsoms), the CEO of Focus Features, wrote this response (excerpt -- find the whole thing here):

"...if a journalist is to write about our marketing campaign, might he consider actually talking about...our marketing campaign? The trailer for “Milk,” for example (see it for yourself at is, not just in my opinion, probably the most inspiring piece of movie marketing about genuine (as well as out) politics ever created. It has been the most explosively received and appreciated trailer in the history of our company, posted on hundreds of sites, and played and playing in theaters nationwide in front of more than a dozen movies.

"Following the debut of that trailer way back on September 12, our marketing campaign mobilized an early online media push timed to all four presidential race debates – the mornings after, we had specially commissioned 'Milk' ad buys on the political pages of the websites of The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, National Public Radio, The Huffington Post, and many more. Our banner ads and 60-second spots were all about the film and what it and Harvey represent. Speaking of which, beyond the trailer, check out the rest of our website; it's already filled with scores of stories from people across the country, linking their own lives to Harvey Milk's transformational politics"

I'm guessing that there will soon be television commercials galore and posters plastered on bus stops and billboards all over town.

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