Tuesday, October 28, 2008

"Milk" World Premiere Tonight

Gus Van Sant's movie "Milk" starring Sean Penn and Josh Brolin as Harvey Milk and Dan White, respectively, opens in limited release at Thanksgiving. It opens nationally in early December. And its world premiere starts in about two and a half hours at the Castro Theater.

The Castro is decked out with banners, lights and barriers (click on the pictures for a much bigger, more detailed version). There are police barriers on the other side of Castro Street as well. As I was coming home from work, there was a large crowd of people lining the street across from the theater holding "No on 8" signs and handing out flyers.

Even though the premiere is sold out, I'm assuming there will be a long line to get in. So I'm going down shortly after five in hopes of getting a half-way decent seat.

Tonight's event is sponsored by Levi's in support of Hetrick-Martin Institute, Larkin Street Youth Services, Point Foundation and the SF LGBT Community Center

For further reading, I have been sent this article speculating about why "Milk" is not being widely publicized as yet. [UPDATE: Read also Focus Features CEO James Schamus's refutation.]

[UPDATE: My thoughts on tonight's event can be found here.]


Anonymous said...

I don't suppose you could get HB to join you instead of going to rehearsal. Or is the band playing at the premiere?


PS Thank goodness for that third IMDB plot summary because it is the only one that...well, "makes sense" might be too strong...

BGreen said...

Actually, it occurred to me that if anyone in the band should be there, it would be Heidi and Richard. But the show was sold out two weeks or more ago, so I couldn't get any more tickets.

No, the band did not play at this event. This was probably a wise decision in the long run, just from a "crowded, busy, hectic event" standpoint.

It turns out that there are no close-ups of the band at all (save for one band member...). Almost entirely, the band just appears in the background.