Monday, October 20, 2008

You'll hear this again...Count on it.

Via Gizmodo:

I predict that you'll hear this story on "Wait...Wait...Don't Tell Me" and "The News Quiz" this weekend.

A pastor for the Church of Sweden has resigned after causing his church's IT system to become infected with a nasty, nasty computer virus. The pastor exposed the system to the infection through surfing the web for pornography.
(The story does not explicitly say, but one presumes that the IT team, searching for the source of the infection, looked into the pastor's browser history.)

The Register reports, "The powers that be have not yet decided whether a righteous defrocking is in order in this case - a fate avoided by a pastor in Gothenburg who recently 'came under scrutiny for moistening post-it notes with his penis and sticking them up in an office' and was allowed to keep his job."

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