Monday, November 24, 2008

Black Friday Bingo

From Gizmodo:

Here's a game you can play while shopping this Friday.

Prepare your own Bingo cards based on a list of events that you are virtually guaranteed to see while shopping on Black Friday. Gizmodo starts with 28 suggestions, including (spelling errors below are courtesy of Gizmodo):

* Cash register, POS outage and Servers are down

* 3-5 hours to checkout and sometimes the line never moves.

* No available shopping carts.
(This one happened to me yesterday going into Safeway at 16th and Potrero -- and I only found one in the parking lot.)

* Checkout line that wraps around everything inside the store like spaghetti.

* Employees hording ad items.

* Pushing, shoving, running, and running people over with a shopping cart.

* Most sale items gone within 1 hour. Very low in inventory to begin with.

* Customer walkouts.

* Employees lying to you about items being sold out.

* Customers cutting others in line.

* Employees fighting over customers or commissions

* Employees stealing other customers from each other.

* C
ustomers will steal products from other customers.

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