Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day Part 2

(No, this is not a picture from today. It's a stock image from photobucket.)

I noticed this morning how sedate the city seems to be today.

Usually on election day, the area at the top of the steps at Harvey Milk Plaza (Castro/17th/Market) is swarming with politics. Usually there are candidates trying to get that last minute "personal touch" in. Usually there are scads and scads of volunteers waving signs and handing out flyers and plastering people with stickers.
Usually Carole Migden is there pushing some proposition or candidate whle trying to shake everyone's hand.

Not today.

This morning, both on my way to the doctor (9 a.m.) and on my way to work after voting, (10:45 a.m.), I was struck by the fact that there were only four people at Castro and Market -- two standing on the corners and waving "No on 8" placards, and a third standing at the top of the stairs offering "No on 8" stickers to anyone who would have one. The fourth was a somewhat timid young woman in a "Yes on A" T-shirt (at least I think it was "A").

I took the F-Market to work today, so I saw pretty much everything on Market Street from Castro to the end. Most corners had some number of "No on 8" people (anywhere from 3 to a dozen), but no Obama people, no Mark Leno or Tom Ammiano or Nancy Pelosi people, no one pushing for or against any props other than 8.

I guess that this time everyone figures that everyone has already made up their minds.

[UPDATE 6 p.m.: Well, I guess they were just waiting for the post-work voters. As I was coming home, the number of campaigners at Castro and Market was considerably larger and more varied. No Carole Migden, though.]

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