Saturday, November 8, 2008

Speaking of apologies...

Via BBC:

"My Name Is Earl" comes to life? Or just a case of someone actually taking a twelve-step program seriously?

Imran Ahmed, a shopkeeper in Bristol, received a letter recently that took him off guard.

The letter was from a man who said that he had been passing by the store in 2001 and noticed that it had been broken into. Seeing the store open and unguarded, he stole two cartons of cigarettes. Now, seven years later, he was trying to get off drugs and make amends for his past, so he was writing to apologize and make amends for his crime. He enclosed £100.

Mr Ahmed said the thief's change of heart was 'really good' and he intends to give the money to a drugs' charity."

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Anonymous said...

I think one of the 12 steps is to try and make amends to everyone you've hurt, so maybe it was that? Great story, anyway. I especially like the shopkeeper's reaction.