Monday, December 15, 2008

Susie Bright on Boing Boing

Susie Bright (who I know has at least one friend in the band) attended this weekend's Dance-Along Nutcracker and then blogged about it on Boing Boing today. It's a very nice blurb -- read the whole posting at this link. Excerpt follows:

"When I was a little wanna-be ballerina, I could barely remain still at sit-down Nutcracker events; I ached to waltz with the other Flowers. In the 1960s, the kids in my parish would run around with fake swords and wild scarves as we recreated the whole shebang to the scratchy amplification of the nuns' beat-up record player. I think I peed in my pants one time -- please don't tell the Nutcracker Prince.

"The Freedom Band's version is far better, with more room to take a flying leap, and an incredibly patient orchestra who play the entire show in costume while scores of little children sit at their feet with mouths hanging open. I am tempted to take up the piccolo again."

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