Monday, January 5, 2009

Bootleg mall

Via Huffington Post:

According to The Mirror, a shopping mall is soon opening in China that will be devoted entirely to rip-offs of well-known brand names.

The Mirror article is heavily illustrated with photos of various knock-off stores like "McDnoald's" (with three golden arches instead of two), "Mak Dak" (another McDonald's rip-off that turns the golden arches into a cartoon duck's face), "Bucksstar Coffee" (similar logo to Starbucks) and "Pizza Huh" (pictured here).

Other knock-off brand names featured in the photos include "Dama" (instead of "Puma"), "Naik" (instead of "Nike"), "PolyStation" (instead of "Playstation) and possibly the least careful of all, "Panosaonic".

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