Saturday, January 17, 2009

California Academy of Sciences

We went to the California Academy of Sciences this afternoon for the first time since they reopened in September.

I forgot that this was Martin Luther King Day weekend. Apparently, that means a lot to parents with kids who have a three-day weekend. People literally came from all over the state to go here this weekend. The man in line in front of us was from Irvine, and the woman behind us drove from Sacramento.

The practical upshot is that we waited in line for forty-five minutes before we got into the building.

Another thing I learned. When the AoS website stops selling tickets, it does NOT mean that they are sold out. People were walking up to ticket vending machines and buying tickets and getting in line. So showing up without tickets in hand does not stop one from getting in the door.

The other upshot of the holiday weekend is that two of the biggest attractions at the AoS (the Planetarium and the Rainforest exhibit), the two that require separate tickets, were both sold out. For clarity -- they don't charge separate admission, but because seating is limited, they have to issue tickets to stop people from fighting over who gets in to see them.

The Steinhart Aquarium, on the other hand, was open and available. Very busy, but acheivable.

Would I recommend that people go to the AoS? Yes. Would I recommend that they go on a holiday weekend? Hell, no. Would I recommend that they go on a weekend at all? Probably not.

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