Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Lloyd Webber Video Games

The source for this story seems to be PaidContent -- all other versions of the story seem to point back to PaidContent as their source.

It's not enough that Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber has announced that in November 2009, London will see the opening of "Love Never Dies," a sequel to "Phantom of the Opera."

In addition, Sir Andrew and his company, Really Useful Group, are trying to develop video games based on several of his musicals. Reports are that Really Useful has approached several game developers about releasing a series of Lloyd-Webber-musical-based games in the next few years.

According to PaidContent,
"The shows, which also include 'Joseph [and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat]' and 'Cats,' may seem like strange fodder for games, but the group says two industry shifts have prompted its interest: the emergence of more female gamers in the traditionally male-dominated game consumer demographic, and the popularity of singing- and music-based titles like PlayStation’s Singstar and Xbox’s Lips. Guitar Hero maker Harmonix’s forthcoming Beatles performance game also shows how music brands can be translated into play.

"The first Lloyd-Webber titles will let players sing along as characters in the composer’s shows and could involve elements of 'audition,' just like in his BBC shows 'I’d Do Anything' and 'How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria?' and last year’s Lloyd-Webber-themed episode of 'American Idol.'"

You have to admit, the idea invites parody:

Top Ten Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber Video Game Titles:

Lego Sunset Boulevard
9. Mortal Opera
8. Grand Theft Superstar
7. World of Warcats
6. Tony Hawk's Bombay Dreams Jam
5. Metal Dreamcoat Solid
4. The Sound of Wii Music
3. Song Song and Dance Dance Revolution
The Legend of Evita: The Argentinian Princess
1. Jesus Christ, Guitar Hero

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