Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Jerry Springer: The Actor/Singer/Dancer

Talk about your "stunt casting."

Jerry Springer is going to appear in the West End production of "Chicago" as Billy Flynn.

His six-week tour of duty starts on June 1.

According to an article in the Evening Standard, "
Springer says he has begun preparing for the gruelling eight shows-a-week run.

"'I'm taking this very seriously. It's an honour to get the opportunity.

"'I'm walking around with an iPod and learning all the songs. I've been practising in the shower. Last night I had to stop singing at 2am because the guys in the next hotel room banged on the wall, begging me to stop.

"'I will watch the movie, although I will not try to imitate Richard Gere. He is great at whatever he does and he has the look. I could be Richard Gere on the radio.'

"Springer, who lives in Chicago, added that he was a fan of the musical, which has been running for 11 years in London.

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