Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The name game

So, just for fun, I created a Facebook group for people name William Green (or Greene) or variants thereof.

I have described it this way:

"According to, the most recent census shows that the USA is home to approximately:

"8,869 people named William Green (or Greene)

"65 people named Will Green(e)

"1,439 people named Willie Green(e)

"18 people named Willy Green(e)

"404 people named Bill Green(e)

"909 people named Billy Green(e) and

"40 people named Wiley Green(e).

"That's 11,744 of us who get each other's mail, phone messages and attempts at debt collection. And some of us are probably related to each other.

"A Facebook search on the name, 'Bill Green,' produces what it refers to only as 'over 500 results.'

"Membership in this group is limited to people named William Green (or Greene) or some variation. No other qualifications."

So pass this info along to anyone you know who qualifies.

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