Monday, February 16, 2009

Nifty, neato PSA

Ad Council And National Crime Prevention Council Launch New Cybe - video powered by Metacafe

I can't really add much to that message.

Except to say that you're all a bunch of losers.

Okay. This ad is really aimed at pre-teens, but, frankly, I know a lot of adults who should watch this and take it to heart.

But acting like a jerk online is as old as the Internet itself.

And there's an interesting comment on the Ad Council Metacafe link (above). It reads, "
yes let's chip away at freedom of speech a bit more. This is so stupid, it's online... if youd on't like what's said on it, turn off the computer, go out side and play or get exercize... that way you get stronger and faster, then you can beat the snot out of the online bully. 'Online Bullying' is a great way to discern who to be friends with, who to give references to, and who you simply don't associate with. We're robbing our kids of vital life lessons by being so over protective."

I can't decide if the person who left this comment is an genuine asshat or a dry-witted performance artist.

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