Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Mighty Regis

Take Me Home

For St. Patrick's Day, here's a fake Irish band from LA, The Mighty Regis. Kind of a cross between The Pogues and improv theater. Austin Tichenor of the Reduced Shakespeare Company interviewed lead singer Franky McNorman (aka Mike O'Hara) on this week's Reduced Shakespeare podcast.

Band member names include "Gavin McLoud," "Paddy McRib" and "Ryan O'Neill."

Currently, The Mighty Regis's music can be downloaded from iTunes or previewed at their MySpace page. Song titles include "Me Mother Became a Werewolf," "Get Drunk and Go Home" and "A Tree Grows in Sligo."

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Paddy McRib said...

Thanks for the mention, mate!