Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Forlorn Candy Corn

I have been wondering about this for a little while now.

On Market Street, where there used to be an adult book store (near Golden Gate), there has been construction for a few months, and this blue barrier has been up around the construction site. I ride past it most mornings on the F Market on the way to work. But on Monday, both the F and the MUNI underground were experiencing delays, so I found myself walking up Market Street in this area (thus the photos).

Several weeks ago, someone painted sad candy corn on each end of the barrier, as well as a rainbow with a slightly odd face.

The rainbow and one of the two candy corns have been painted over, but for some reason, they did not paint over the candy corn on the south end of the barrier. So I thought I'd share the sad candy corn with you.

I'm sorry not to be able to share the rainbow as well. It was . . . unique. In the photo below, you can see where the rainbow has been painted over.

[UPDATE: Thanks to the gracious Holden, we have this link to the larger story behind the Forlorn Candy Corn, as a well as a photo of the rainbow and a link to the Flickr photostream of the artist,
Matthew Briar Bonifacio Rodriguez, who says he likes "grumpy candy corns," "raccoon robbers and gamblin' squirrels," "lite brites and food packaging" and "rainbow monsters and color pallete boogie monsters." I forgot about the fact that the rainbow had one teardrop coming out of one eye.]

[UPDATE 4/1: Now it's gone. Like its companion corn and the monster rainbow, the lone forlorn candy corn has been painted over.]

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Holden said...

Forlorn candy corn! This artist is one of my favorites. Allan over at tracks him all over.