Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fool's Day

Gizmodo is having a lot of fun with April Fool's Day today, interrupting their regular fare with lots of bizarre articles like "Follow The New Gizmodo Empire And You Will Be Rewarded4."

And Huffington Post has this compendium of April Fool's pranks.

Among the list:

The Guardian has announced that it is shutting down its print publishing and will in future be distributed exclusively via Twitter.

Expedia is offering $99 flights to Mars.

Bjork has announced that she "
has accepted the position of lead vocalist for legendary Led Zeppelin."

Car and Driver announced that President Obama ordered the removal of Dodge and Chevrolet automobiles from NASCAR. [UPDATE: But don't go looking for this article on their site. You won't find it. Even though it was clearly labeled as a joke, apparently the article caused a lot of people to become very upset. Car and Driver has pulled the article down.]

Due to a hostile takeover, Funny or Die has changed its name to "Reba or Die," and has converted to all-Reba-McEntire content. (Click picture to enlarge and read the press release.)

And my personal favorite is the Qualcomm announcement of its innovations in its convergence program:

Qualcomm - Convergence

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