Sunday, October 4, 2009

Castro Street Fair 2009

I think attendance was a little bit light this year, but it was still pretty crowded.

The band played on the main stage from about 11:30 until noon, pretty much near the very beginning of the street fair.  There was no audience when we started, and there was a respectably-sized crowd when we finished (i.e., considerably more people watching the band than there were people playing in the band).

We ate a bit at home in order to avoid the temptation to buy corn dogs and other fried foods.

As usual, I managed not to buy anything other than a lovely pink T-shirt.

(P.S., By and large, the new Blogspot post editor is an improvement, except in one way:  its handling of photographs is atrocious.  The old editor made it very easy to lay out multiple photos in a post.  The new one really doesn't work anywhere near as well.)

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