Saturday, April 2, 2011

A BIT of Gomez

Ben, Ian, Tom
 Ben, Ian and Tom (3/5 of Gomez -- a "BIT of Gomez," get it?) performed a "Gomez: Unplugged" set at Swedish American Hall tonight. They played four songs from the upcoming Gomez album, plus one track from Ben Ottewell's recent solo album, plus a number of Gomez fan favorites.

Swedish American Hall is an alcohol-free space, so the crowd was a little less rowdy than might have been expected. Plus they actually put chairs out for people to sit in (which people used most of the time). But the crowd was enthusiastic and energetic, nevertheless. It was an intimate enough setting that it was often very clear just how many people in the audience were singing along. In between songs, someone in the back interjected a few deep-voiced "Oh, yeah!" and similar statements, which seemed to amuse Ben. He once said, "There's a uniquely American sound."

And, as seems usual for these shows, we wound up chatting with some very friendly people seated next to us.

A good time was had by all. More photos can be found by following this link or by playing the slideshow below:.

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