Tuesday, July 2, 2013

A Pride Celebration Moment

Mystery Music Video 

This past Sunday, the band was Unit 10 in the parade (read: "we were near the front"), so we finished a bit before noon, and so hit the band's booth at the celebration relatively early in the day.  We had also promised Cheer SF that we would play on their stage while all the  cheer groups were appearing on the main stage around 2 p.m.

As we were walking through the celebration between the band booth and the Cheer SF stage, three of us encountered a performer wearing a relatively large camera rig, with an SLR pointed at her face, lip-synching to a quiet playback.  The video director asked us to jump in behind her and pretend to play our instruments.  After a few seconds of our bobbing up and down and all around, he instructed her to start turning in circles and indicated that we should follow her and stay behind her.  So we did.

Luckily, Chip was there to capture this brief "making of the music video" clip.

Then, as we walked away, the director ran up and handed me a business card and said, "Here's where the video will be posted when it's finished in a few weeks."  For the record, the band's name is Dot Punto, and the performer's name is Katya Lopez.

I'll post the final video as soon as I know it's available.

Update 7/13/2013:  The video is online and can be viewed on YouTube.  We are visible briefly around 2:15.

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