Thursday, November 14, 2013

Domestic Squabble on the F-Market

Late Night F-Market (NSFW) 

In an interview with Ian Port in December 2010 ("John Waters Explains His Love for S.F. Muni, the Roxie Theater, and Die Antwoord"), John Waters said this about Muni (and the F-Market streetcar in particular): 

"My favorite is to come home from Zuni's after two drinks at 11 o'clock at night and get on that beautiful streetcar -- well there's two -- the J is my favorite, it's like being in Amarcord to get on it. Then you turn around, and it's full, and every person is out of their mind -- but in a nice way. It's not scary. The drivers are insane. Everyone is insane and happy, or even if they're not happy, they seem -- it's like, ship of fools. It's really a great feeling to be on a streetcar filled with desire....

"The J is the one that I think is the most beautiful, that goes up in the hills, that winds its way around like an inch from people's houses. But what's the old streetcar that runs along market, is that the F?...

"I love that one, too. That's the one coming home from Zuni's. It's the ship of fools, my favorite."

In May 2010, I worked late one night at my office, which was on the edge of Fishermans Wharf.  When I got on the F-Market, the conversation in front of me started to escalate pretty quickly into a full-on screaming match, with expletives and name calling.  And I happened to have a Sony Bloggie in my pocket.

Notice how she can turn on a dime: "I DON"T HAVE YOUR PHONE!  If I did, I would give it back to you.  BUT YOU LOST IT!"

The thing that you don't see here is what happened right after (because that would have required me to follow them, and I thought that would look a bit stalker-ish).  Herman moved up to the front of the car and sat behind the driver.  She did not hesitate to follow him up front and sit directly beside him -- not across the aisle, but right beside him.  And their demeanor changed entirely.  No more yelling.  Quiet conversation.  No animosity apparent.

It's all just part of the magic of city living....

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