Thursday, May 15, 2008


90-plus in the back yard today.

79 outside at 10:00 tonight.

It's supposed to stay like this for a couple more days.

And the thing I hate most about it is that I can't wear a jacket.

363 days every year, I wear a jacket because it's actually pretty necessary. In fact, I notice that TONS of men in San Francisco have the same Weatherproof brand jacket from Macy's. Which is understandable because they're relatively cheap, they're lightweight, and they have inside pockets as well as outside pockets.

And I've gotten accustomed to having those pockets available to hold my phone, my Altoids, my iPod, anything else I might need....

In short, my jacket is my man-purse.

And when it gets too warm, I lose my man-purse. I have to cram my phone into one jeans pocket, the Altoids into another.... Eventually, I gain six inches around my hips from cramming all this stuff into my jeans pockets.

Maybe for these few days every year where it's impossible to wear a jacket
I should just keep a pair of cargo pants on hand.


Anonymous said...

I have the same problem, exactly. EXACTLY. At least no one comments on your child-bearing hips. Or do they? Can I be the first? :p


BGreen said...

And it would be easier if it looked even vaguely natural. But it makes my hips look lumpy and lop-sided -- thick phone on this side, skinny Altoids on that side, etc.