Thursday, May 29, 2008

How much would you pay?

How much would you pay for this fine limited edition power cord?



How about $4,750?

That's right, "
...the LE-10 is an entirely handmade 10+ AWG, multi-conductor, Teflon-dielectric, Teflon-jacketed masterpiece that will clearly and obviously outperform any AC power cord that is now available or ever likely to be made!"

And that makes it worth $2,500 to $4,750.

I'm just afraid that there really are audiophiles out there who will be willing to pay that much.....

[UPDATE: Okay, they took this specific cable off the market, but here's a $2,000-$2,300 cable that they still sell.]


Anonymous said...

Are you hiding this post from Mr. CH?

Or is he not among those so-far-gone audiophiles?


BGreen said...

I would like to think that no one in their right mind would think that a $4,000 power cord would make any real difference when there are so many cheaper $3,000 cords that I'm sure do just as good a job.

Anonymous said...

I have heard people who buy such things referred to as "audiofools". My impression is that they're really really bored people with too much money and not enough imagination - the same people that buy diamond encrusted iPods, etc. ...

Diamond encrusted extension cords, anyone?