Thursday, May 29, 2008

The "Sex and the City" movie

Oh, dear.

The "Sex and the City" movie might not be so good after all.

Mick LaSalle LOVED it. As in "little man jumping up and down and screaming and applauding."

And if Mick LaSalle loved it that much, it might very well be a real stinker.


Anonymous said...

I see you share our Mick LaSalle policy! I can't imagine how he would like a movie that much if nothing gets blown up in it. Maybe something does? You have to admit, that might add interest to the movie. Shall we speculate as to what the blown-up object might be? Many vulgar possibilities suggest themselves!


BGreen said...

What's even more unusual (IMHO) is this quote:

"...the best American movie about women so far this year, and probably the best that will be made this year."

MICK LASALLE said that!!!!!1!

Get my smelling salts.

Anonymous said...

Maybe he was put into a titty-coma?


Lucky Pierre said...

Usually, if Mick LaSalle dislikes something, I think it's worth a look.

BGreen said...

I find that Mick LaSalle often falls into the category of reviewers who dislike movies for the same reasons that I like them, or who like movies for the same reasons that I dislike them.

I think that every city is required to have at least on of these....