Thursday, May 1, 2008

Pardon my ignorance...

...but I have not heard this before.

Recently, there has appeared a bunch of bus stop posters for Comcast Sportsnet that all have the form of "I don't know where [x] is [or are], but I know where [local sports team name] are" (e.g., "
I don't know where the Ferry Building is, but I know where the Giants are"). And I've been seeing these ads every morning because I take the F-Market to work every day, and there is one of these posters on Market Street every few blocks.

I ran a search on "I know where the A's are" and found that there has recently been at least one commercial on Comcast using this same form -- it shows what kind of looks like the Marin Headlands where a man is standing and wearing a blue tux jacket but no pants, who says, "I don't know where my pants are, but I know where the A's are," followed by a graphic reading, "Authentic fans know."

Okay, I get the joke. And I'm guessing that I never saw the commercial because I never watch any cable sports channels.

The thing I don't get about all this is the poster on Market Street in the vicinity of Seventh Street that reads, "I don't know where the Tenderknob is, but I know where the A's are."


The poster got it right: I don't know where the Tenderknob is.

I ran a search on "tenderknob," and I found a few references, like this blog. So I guess Comcast didn't make the name up as a joke.

Is this just a new cutesy way to refer to the Tenderloin? Is it an area between Nob Hill and the Tenderloin? What's the scoop? And how long has this term been around?

And why am I always the last person to hear about these things? :-)

[UPDATE: It really read "Tendernob," not "Tenderknob" with a "k". See my subsequent update.]


Mrs. Trauma Flintstone said...

TenderNob is not too dissimilar from Duboce Triangle ... it's a transition area. Not truly recognized by anyone other than those of us who live in the area.

BTW, did you know that the area where Clinton Park hits Market is called "Lower Safeway Heights?"

BGreen said...

I hadn't heard the "Safeway Heights" one either -- that's a good 'un. But now, thanks to Comcast, the word "Tenderknob" (and that's how they spelled it on the ad) is printed in eight-inch letters on a poster on Market Street.

Where we live (near Mission High) is also fairly a transitional area as well. When a neighbor had a Christmas party several years ago, half his guests made references to us being in the Castro, and the other half said it was the Mission.

In fact, when that guy barricaded himself into his apartment across the street several years ago, the news coverage couldn't make up their minds what to call it. Channel 2 said it was in the Mission. Channel 4 said it was in the Castro. Channel 5 said "south of Market Street".

After that, I decided to say that I live in Eureka Valley.

BGreen said...

P.S., Thanks for cluing me in.

Anonymous said...

bg, does the term "tenderknob" make you uncomfortable for reasons beyond geographic ambiguity? Maybe we should talk about this :p


BGreen said...

I thought that "Tendernob" would make more sense as the name of an area between the Tenderloin and Nob Hill. But spelling it with a "k" just makes it seem like someone's trying to make a very, very bad and partly naughty pun ("loin" = "knob").