Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Dirty Work (again)

I've heard from people that they missed this, so I thought I'd point it out again.

Over on the left side of the page under the designation "Additional Reading" is a link to a second blog called "Dirty Work."

This is actually a slightly fictionalized account of a few months in the mid-1980's when my job suddenly and unexpectedly required me to watch heterosexual adult videotapes. Every. Night. Of. The. Week.

Since it's not easy to talk about such things while using genteel language, the story has an "adult content" warning on it. There is no sex in the story at all, just people talking (sometimes graphically) about the content of some of the videotapes we were watching. It is not erotica, just foul language and (as Ira Glass would say) it acknowledges the existence of sex. So if you are offended by such things, I put them where you shouldn't stumble across them by accident.

It's low humor, it's entirely devoid of socially redeeming qualities, but it is (I hope) at least mildly entertaining.


Anonymous said...

It WAS at least mildly entertaining!


BGreen said...

Thank you.

I think.......?