Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Abigail (yet again)

Repeating an earlier posting:

If you've not seen it before, you should check out Abigail's "X-Rated" Teen Diary. Despite the title, it is TOTALLY safe for work. The "X-Rated," she explains, is just adult-speak for "You're not supposed to look at this, it's private."

The premise is that between the seventh and eighth grades, Abigail developed Bloomberger's Syndrome, which is this disease that, like, totally changes your DNNA 'n' stuff -- the upshot of which is that this thirteen-year-old girl happens to look exactly like a middle-aged man, though she still talks and acts like a thirteen-year-old girl..

She posts new videos every Tuesday and Thursday (recently changed from three times a week), and the videos tend to run between thirty seconds to two minutes. The entire backlog of Abigail videos is available for viewing on her site. There is also a channel on YouTube, and the whole series of videos is available as a video podcast through iTunes as well.

If you know a man in the Bay Area, preferably with some facial hair and/or bald(ing), who is willing to do some kind of semi-scripted semi-improvisation on camera for a couple of hours some weekend, let me know. I want to send a video response to Abigail, but I need someone to play my mother or whose mother I can play. In other words, I've got a couple of ideas (one of which is that Mom has adult-onset Bloomberger's syndrome), but I don't insist that we do those things specifically. We would work together to do whatever works best.

So if you know someone who would be interested in doing this or if you yourself are interested in doing this, let me know. If you don't already know my e-mail address, either leave a comment on this posting or click on my profile on the left-hand side of this page to find an e-mail link.

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