Sunday, June 15, 2008

Onion Movie

I looked at the IMDB page for this movie and found out that it was filmed in 2003 and shelved due to bad test screenings. That comes as no surprise.

It had a handful of things that made me laugh, but almost all its jokes got run into the ground. And then pounded into the ground even farther. And then brought back at the end, because twice and three times is never enough.

This raised (again) the discussion about the weakness of Netflix's five-star rating system (1="hated it," 2="didn't like it," 3="liked it," 4="really liked it" and "5=best. movie. ever.").

Neither of us wants to go so far as to say "didn't like it," but neither of us wants to go so far as to say "liked it," either. We want a 2-1/2 star rating that means "thought it was just okay, wouldn't actually ask for my money back, but wouldn't recommend that anyone go out of their way to see it."

Which is actually how I expected it to be based on its trailer.

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