Monday, June 16, 2008

1... 2... 3:45 6/7/8 minor YouTube update

Another blog has linked to the YouTube video of 1... 2... 3:45 6/7/8 in a posting headed "The coolest video you'll see today." One comment posted in response: "Reminds me of Improv Everywhere, but that looks like it required more than average coordination to pull off. They did an awesome job though."

Traffic has slowed considerably on YouTube, but it's creeping up on 5,000 views (just 50 more to go). [UPDATE 6/17, 7 p.m.: Okay, it rolled over. It's at 5,017 views now.]

All the comments on the video are positive, and all the ratings have been 5-star.

In case you're wondering how I find the links to the video, YouTube is telling me. I get a list of all links that everyone uses to play the video. The video has also been linked to from a couple of forums, including a Bjork forum and one whose exact purpose I haven't figured out, and it has also been linked to from Twitter and Digg a couple of times, though it only had 4 Diggs last time I checked.

I don't get the same kinds of statistics from, but I think the version of the video is now getting more views per day than the YouTube version.

[FURTHER UPDATE: Bjork's people had the YouTube video taken down. Current and this blog are the only two places where it's still available.]

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