Sunday, June 22, 2008


Remember back at the end of May when the BBC had that big story that I repeated here about the unspoiled, uncontacted lost tribe photographed on the border of Peru? Everyone was forwarding the pictures to each other, and the story hit the news all over?

Well, today the Guardian has a follow-up article headed
thus: "Secret of the 'lost' tribe that wasn't: Tribal guardian admits the Amazon Indians' existence was already known, but he hoped the publicity would lift the threat of logging"

The article continues, "...the tribe's existence has been noted since 1910 and the mission to photograph them was undertaken in order to prove that 'uncontacted' tribes still existed in an area endangered by the menace of the logging industry. . . . (T)he man behind the pictures, José Carlos Meirelles, . . . has no regrets, arguing that the pictures and video released to the world were powerful and indisputable evidence to those who say isolated tribes no longer exist."

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