Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Shameless Silliness

I'm not a fan of boy bands, but I have to admit that the Series 4 finale of "Shameless" (basically, the show's cast doing a music video of Take That's song, "Never Forget") was pretty entertaining. In a "Shameless" kind of way.

"I shagged the bride. I shagged the bride."


Katheryne said...

where are you getting seasons 2-4? have you bought them? still not showing up in netflix as far as i can see.

BGreen said...

Yes, I'm getting the DVDs from the UK -- just received Series 5 a couple of days ago.

The Sundance Channel has showed Series 1 and 2. I suspect that they will stop there, though. My theory is that they were jumping on the James McAvoy bandwagon. And since Steve and Fiona leave the show in Series 2, I am guessing that Sundance will stop there as well.

Although there has never been any one main character, Fiona was pretty much the heart of the show. Having her and Steve leave clearly marked a shift in the show.