Tuesday, July 1, 2008

This is out of left field, I know...

I just stumbled across some songs by Cat Stevens / Yusuf Islam while listening to music at my desk, so I dug this up on YouTube.


Anonymous said...

When I was over in the UK last year a couple of his songs from the new album were in regular rotation on BBC2 and I started kind of liking them. I also heard him interviewed about the album on NPR's Talk of the Nation and liked that, too. SO I got the album and I do like it, but in addition to more universal themes of spirituality there are clearly Islamic references.

Apparently it was his son, also a musician, who helped get him back into the studio.


BGreen said...

I, too, am a little bothered by the creeping evangelism in the lyrics. But the music and the production are completely in keeping with the Cat Stevens of old, and that's a good thing in my book.

But, frankly, I chose to post "Father and Son" here instead of any of the songs from "An Other Cup" because it's just a song, and not story from the Q'ran.

And because the performance is pretty mesmerizing.