Monday, August 18, 2008

Copycat Auction

Last week I posted about the Australian woman selling an opened condom packet and a photo of the knickers that she found under her bedsheets.

Well, it looks like someone has decided to try to cash in on this auction by diverting people who search eBay for terms related to that auction.

This auction is entitled, "
Empty CONDOM Packet KNICKERS Tart's PHOTO." The seller is selling four items:

(1) a photo of "a fat tart's knickers";

(2) a photo of some key lime tarts;

(3) a photo of the Knicks; and

(4) a photo of an empty condom packet.

There is a long and rambling narrative about how the bad economy has kicked the seller's butt, so he's just trying to scrounge some money together by selling odd things.

Call me cynical, but if you name an eBay auction "Empty CONDOM Packet KNICKERS Tart's PHOTO" less than a week after the world press has run a story about an eBay auction entitled, "
EMPTY CONDOM PACKET & A PHOTO OF 'THE TART'S' KNICKERS," you'll have a difficult time convincing me that it's purely a coincidence.

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