Tuesday, September 23, 2008


The irony of this video is not that the music is virtually indecipherable (would you believe it's intended to be the "William Tell" Overture, or the "Lone Ranger" Theme?).

The irony comes at the end of the video: "This road is in Lancaster Ca. Ave. K going W/B from 60th St. W. to 70th W You will be seeing more of these in the future"
(my emphasis).

The video was posted to YouTube on September 14.
One week later, on September 21, the BBC posted a story saying ". . . some Lancaster residents are not amused. They say the noise from the road sounds more like a discordant screech than the Rossini overture. Officials have bowed to their views and have agreed to pave over the grooves. . . . Although the grooves were carved into the road only a couple of weeks ago, officials have announced they will resurface the quarter-mile (400m) strip on Tuesday. "

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