Thursday, September 4, 2008

"Milk" Trailer

The trailer for Gus Van Sant's "Milk" (official movie site here) is available in several places:

YouTube version (the link takes you to the one embedded here -- there are several different versions, but this one looks the best. You might consider going to YouTube and watching it in high quality);

(2) The
Official trailer site (the "IPOD/IPHONE" link did not work for me, but you can watch an embedded QuickTime version of the trailer); and

(3) The iTunes store (go to the Movies store and then click on "Movie Trailers," it's currently featured in the "Exclusives" window and in the "Featured HD" window. You can also click on "Focus Features" and find it quickly. There are seven sizes: iPod, small, medium, large, HD 480p, HD 720p and HD1080p -- all the same trailer, just different resolutions.)

The trailer says it will be released in "November," but the trailer site says "November 26." Milk and Moscone were assassinated on November 27, 1978, so the opening is one day before the thirtieth anniversary. Not a coincidence, I assume.

Personal trivia: Four of the five (or six [1]) scenes that I was an extra in are represented in the trailer in quick little snippets -- the parade, the post-parade speech, the "No on 6" victory party and the candlelight march.


[1] Depending on whether you count a single shot of a crowd turning a corner as a "scene."

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