Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Giant robot spider in Liverpool

The European Capital of Culture is a city chosen by the European Union to spend a year showing off its arts and culture. For 2008, the city chosen was Liverpool

As part of the
Liverpool European Capital of Culture 2008, Liverpool is host this weekend to an installation by La Machine in conjunction with Artichoke.

A fifty-foot mechanical spider has been hanging from Concourse House. Thursday evening, it will be moved to Liverpool's new arena, and on Friday, it will come to life and "explore the city."

According to a
BBC story, "It will form part of a huge piece of street theatre throughout the city at various landmarks, culminating in what organisers are calling a 'spectacular finish' on Sunday.Tens of thousands of visitors are expected to flock to Liverpool to get a glimpse of the mechanical beast."

Artichoke was responsible for "
The Sultan's Elephant," a theatrical event in the streets of London in 2006 in which a "vast, time-travelling mechanical elephant, and a giant girl, twenty feet high" that "visited the capital for four days, delighting up to a million onlookers."

La Machine's site also has an extremely large and detailed photo of the spider.


Anonymous said...

Looks Like a Tachikoma From Ghost In The Shell.

Anonymous said...

Cool. Unless you're one of those people who is afraid of spiders.

Which Heidi is not. SRSLY, ask her about her relationship with spiders.