Friday, September 5, 2008

Spider update - "La Princesse"

This video gives some of the backstory of the spider (known as "La Princesse"), stating that the "scientists" are going to wake up the spider using music, movement and light.

Here's additional backstory from another YouTube video:

"Yesterday commuters arrived at Liverpool's Lime Street Railway Station to find a gigantic mechanical spider clinging to a derelict building next to the station. A group of French specialist researchers announced that they have been observing the creature, apparently made of steel and wood and a thousand times the size of anything in nature. It appears to be female, around 13 metres tall, and has been dubbed 'La Princesse' by the team. The scientists believe the creature may be about to hibernate, and are attempting to prevent it falling into an inert state, as they are concerned at the potentially catastrophic results of the spider laying up to 1000 eggs. Scientists have therefore removed the spider from the building and taken it to a research base established at the ACC, at Albert Dock in Liverpool. On Friday 5th September it is expected that they will attempt to wake it, under controlled conditions, at 11:30am."

And here is video from the BBC of La Princesse starting to walk through the streets of Liverpool (which can be linked to but not embedded). Here's the same video on the BBC player (better quality picture, but the player doesn't work for everyone). Here also is another BBC story from earlier today.

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